Welcome! My name is Laura and I’m here to share Scentual Wisdom with you, since it has improved my life SO much after loved ones have share with me. As you may SUP_Laura_2JackLake_m.rknow, the use of  pure essential oils for healing is on record over four thousands of years, most famously in Egypt and Far East.

Sharing tips to save you money, have fun and be more healthy on this site is a passion of mine so I am open to your feedback and requests for future articles. Scentual Wisdom offers  a one-stop information source around some of my favorite themes of eating, lifestyle and delicious smelling scents that help improve the quality of our lives. My goal is to empower you with the information and gifts from the earth that help you better understand what is going into your body and home so you may make choices accordingly.

Please reach out to me and ask questions, and if I don’t know the answer I’ll connect with my network of healing experts who will be able to support you on your path to health.

Yours in peace and health,


Laura Ell

B. ETOL, MA Candidate

Essential Oils Educator, Young Living Essential Oils

Eco Spa and Wellness Practitioner

Certified Reiki Level I

Mediumship Certification

Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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