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Spring Cleaning 100 Things Challenge


With spring upon us, my natural instincts are driving me to CLEAN. The rest of the year it is somehow not as exciting, so I have been giving it my all right now while I’m in the mood. Last week a friend told me about 100 things spring cleaning challenge where you try to go through your house and find 100 things to ditch. At first I must admit I thought it was a little excessive, but once I got started I was addicted.

I found…

  • a bag of used books >>> selling on amazon.com
  • clothes and shoes that no longer fit or I don’t wear >>>giving away to the local women in need thrift store
  • electronics that no longer work or are obsolete >>> recycling at Staples
  • random clutter in the ‘junk drawer in the kitchen as well as linen and spare closets >>> recycling and giving away

and I won’t bore you with the rest of the list but I DID reach 100 items even though I have only lived in this location for 8 months. WOW do we ever accumulate excess STUFF quickly.

Once I de-cluttered it was time to get rid of all the hidden dust bunnies and do a deep clean. My favorite cleaning products are by far the ThievesĀ® Essential Oil Blend. When I heard the name Thieves I was baffled, and honestly wasn’t sure what thieves had to do with a household cleaner. But if you are curious, check out the history which goes back to the time of the Black Plague and then you will know why I only trust this unique blend now. If it is effective enough to blast the bubonic plague but still made of all natural ingredients so safe you can drink them then I’m sold!

Think about the fact that our feet have the largest pores in our body and we put all sorts of chemicals on our floors in an effort to clean and ‘disinfect’, then should we not be worried worry about all those un-natural substances entering the bloodstream? Yuck! I have family history of cancer and as such have made a personal commitment to keep my floors cleaned only with the most natural products that actually come from mother earth. NO I’m not doing this because I’m a treehugger but because I care about what goes into my body so I can keep optimum health.

So now my home looks amazing and is cleaner than its ever been. AND…that cigarette smell from their neighbor’s condo has not been detected since I started using the Thieves either.

Maybe with all this new-found uncluttered-ness my passion for cleaning will continue year-round!

Thieves cleaner

Thieves cleaner